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Daedalus Upgraded Version Orange Spindle Dust Shoe Cover Cleaner for CNC Router Engraving Milling Machine (80mm Spindle Dust Cover)

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  • 【Upgraded Version】】The improved dust cover is easy to install, the screws are fixed, the brush is free to replace, and the brush is not easy to fall off.
  • 【Easy To Use 】Push-pull Design It is easier to replace the milling cutter, easier to disassemble and safer to use.
  • 【High Quality】 use thick high elastic soft brush, strong bending ability, fine workmanship, good cleaning effect.
  • 【Advantage】Use high-quality paint materials to make the surface smooth, the metal is thicker and durable, anti-scratch, orange shell can be used as awake-up effect.
  • 【Widely Applicable】 Can be used for dust-proof cleaning in occasion,wood carving, industrial machine tools, stone cutting, polishing and grinding,etc.